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Bienvenid@ a Nutritec


We are a manufacturer of

Nutritional products for all crops

NUTRITEC was created to offer biotechnological solutions to improve the nutritional status of plants, based on their natural capacity to adapt to their environment and also the communication between them.

Our company is made up of a team of technicians and qualified personnel committed to the innovative spirit of the company as well as a continuous eagerness to offer the best solutions for producers, with the highest quality.

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mission, vision and values

Our company

Modern Agriculture

Our products are formulated with the incorporation of natural substances obtained by means of highly advanced biotechnological techniques.

A vision of a better future through plant biotechnology

Our values are innovation, development and excellent knowledge of most crops. That is why we offer continuous and renewed advice to growers and proven experience in several national and international crops.

of biotechnological solutions for plant nutrition and stimulation. Consequently, to naturally and efficiently improve the production and quality of crops, thus achieving a significant improvement in producers’ incomes.

Experts in the agricultural sector. We manufacture and market products with high-level technical assistance and training.